Monday, July 2, 2001

Hollywood Software Partners With Pacific Theatres To Develop Exhibition Management System

Hollywood Software, Inc., a premier provider of entertainment industry software applications, announces a major partnership with Pacific Theatres to finalize and launch its innovative Exhibition Management System, EMS. Pacific Theatres is a leading theatrical exhibition company with 400 screens in California and Hawaii.

Exhibitor Management System (EMS)

Hollywood’s EMS system will be the primary operating tool for Pacific’s corporate management to book films into all of its theatres, retrieve and analyze box office, record financial information and negotiate film settlements with studios and other distributors. And, EMS will automate the time-consuming process of sending and receiving critical theater and booking information to various third parties by linking directly with other components of Hollywood Software’s entertainment applications platform, such as TDS2000, its industry-leading theatrical distributor system, currently in use at 3 major studios and 10 other film companies. EMS is scalable from a single user to several hundred simultaneous users and can be licensed or used over the internet as an ASP (application service provider).

“The EMS system is a very important component in Hollywood Software’s strategy of creating a vertical software platform to automate the distribution and exhibition of feature films. With the guidance of respected industry veterans, like Jerry Pokorski and his incredible team at Pacific Theatres, as well as our other partners, I am certain that the EMS system will prove to be a major asset as the exhibition industry rebounds,“ says Hollywood Software’s CEO David Gajda. “EMS marks our initial push into the exhibition market, and together with our online initiatives like, should provide exhibitors and distributors with amazing efficiencies by seamlessly sharing the information that drives the business, such as film bookings, box office data, planned releases, theater information changes and cash payment details, among others,” Gajda added.

“Pacific Theatres has been actively searching for the right company to help us optimize our film system, and we are confident in our choice to partner with Hollywood Software. They have been able to deliver a comprehensive software solution that understands the needs of the exhibition industry,” said Jerry Pokorski, Pacific Theatres’ Executive Vice President, Head Film Buyer.

About Hollywood Software

Hollywood Software, Inc. specializes in B2B applications and strategic systems consulting for the entertainment industry. Hollywood Software’s products automate the complex business of distributing, exhibiting and licensing entertainment content while anticipating the requirement of the emerging digital marketplace. Hollywood Software’s offerings include:

  • TDS2000 - the industry standard theatrical distribution system containing all key elements to manage film distribution used by 12 distributors including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Artisan Entertainment, and Lion’s Gate Entertainment; TDS2000 was used to manage over 50% of the domestic box office activity in 1999 and 2000!
  • TDS2000 ASP – The same system used by major studios to distribute motion pictures is also available over the Internet to distributors of all sizes through a cost-effective service. Customers include IFC Films, Providence Entertainment, Overseas Film Group and Shooting Gallery;
  • MPPS (Motion Picture Planning & Scheduling) – Fully integrated with TDS2000, this innovative solution is designed to initiate, monitor and execute release strategies for a single film or an entire release slate. Customers include Paramount Pictures;
  • EMS (Exhibitor Management System) – A state-of-the-art system used by exhibitors to manage all key aspects of film booking, distributor settlements and box office grosses;
  • RightsMart BackOffice – A powerful rights management solution used to manage contract administration, sales, accounts receivable, product availability and royalty reporting in all media markets;
  • – an innovative online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of creative content worldwide. Together with the RightsMart BackOffice, will automate the marketing, buying and selling of film and television content;
  • – A B2B portal targeting the theatrical distribution and exhibition community with software, marketing and data services.
  • Digital Cinema – HS is in active discussions with several key players regarding the integration of its various product lines into Digital Content Delivery offerings.

About Pacific Theatres

Founded in 1946 by William R. Forman, Pacific Theatres currently operates more than 400 walk-in and drive-in screens throughout California and Hawaii, including the world-renowned Cinerama Dome and the Crest Theatre in Los Angeles. The company also owns and manages retail centers, office buildings, a business park, self-storage facilities and ancillary businesses such as swap meets, family fun centers, and a bowling alley.

For additional information, please contact Hollywood Software, Inc., 1604 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Suite 115, Hollywood, CA 90028. Phone: (323) 463-2144. FAX: (323) 463-1319. Email: or Web sites:,, and

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